Saturday, January 6, 2007

Recommended Books for Revelation

As we venture into to this exciting book of Revelation, here's some resources I recommend. If you have discovered other good resources, let me know.

Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary by Steve Gregg. If you only buy one book on Revelation this is it. He does a great job of going through the text, and his greatest contribution is to present the four evangelical positions (historicist, preterist, futurist and idealist).

Dragons, Grasshoppers, & Frogs!: A Pocket Guide To The Book Of Revelation For Teenagers And Newbies! by Jerry L. Parks. This sounds simplistic but actually is a pretty thorough guide and is very Christ-centered.

The Book of Revelation (New International Commentary on the New Testament) by Robert Mounce - good thorough, academic commentary.

The Church and the Tribulation: A Biblical Examination of Posttribulationism by Robert Gundry. This argues that the rapture will happen at the end of the Tribulation. Dr Gundry was one of my professors. To me this is quite convincing.

The Tribulation & the Church by Chuck Smith. If you want the opposite view of Gundry's, Chuck Smith (one of my pastors whom I respect a great deal) wrote this to counter Gundry's view.


Tim Rogers said...

I actually have the Gregg book. It is a great reference and really allows one to get their head around different views about the coming of Christ.

Jerry said...

Just saw your very kind comment on my book "Dragons, Grasshoppers & Frogs!". Wanted to say thanks!
Jerry Parks

Doug Kyle said...

Hi Jerry,
How cool that as I'm reading your book, you stumbled upon my blog. Thanks for writing this important book. God's best to you! Doug Kyle