Saturday, January 6, 2007

Reading Plan for Revelation

I've challenged my friends to begin 2007 by reading through the last book of the Bible, Revelation. While I don't expect us to be able to understand every image and prediction in this amazing book, I do hope we will all gain a greater vision of who Jesus is -- after all, it is, first of all, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

If you'd like to read along, here's the plan (I'll update this week to week).

SUNDAY Jan 7 -- Rev 1:1-20
MONDAY Jan 8 -- Rev 2:1-7
TUESDAY Jan 9 -- Rev 2:8-11
WEDNESDAY Jan 10 -- Rev 2:12-17
THURSDAY Jan 11 -- Rev 2:18-29
FRIDAY Jan 12 -- Rev 3:1-6
SATURDAY Jan 13 -- Rev 3:7-13
SUNDAY Jan 14 -- Rev 3:14-22


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the series, Doug. You mentioned some books that would be good reading along with the series. Are you going to post those? I'll pick up the "Idiot's" one but you had mentioned there were some others too. Thanks, Katie Freeman

Doug Kyle said...

Thanks, Katie. The book recommendations are just below this post. I actually prefer the books I mentioned there to the "Idiot's Guide..." that I mentioned in church (I was just sort of having fun with the title).