Tuesday, December 30, 2008

200 Sunsets

Tonight I watched my 200th sunset of 2008. Each one was different. Here's some samples of the photos I took. Below the photos I'll tell you why I did it and what I discovered.

December 30, 2008

At the beginning of 2008 I made several commitments. One was to watch 200 sunsets. My criteria for it to count was I had to be outside around dusk, either during, right before, or right after the sun went down. I also had to pause, take it in, and pray. I wrote down the date of each one in my PDA and tonight (a day early), grateful to God, I met my goal. Here's what I discovered.
  1. No two sunsets are the same. I'm blown away by God's variety.
  2. The colors are richer AFTER the sun goes down.
  3. It is so easy to miss the change from day to night. You get busy and all of a sudden it is dark outside.
  4. We tend to start our days when we wake up. But God set it up so the new day begins at sunset. It is AWESOME to end your day at sunset, and begin a new one with dinner, family, sleep and THEN work.
  5. The colors in the sky change dramatically at dusk. It is a good reminder for God to do his transformation in me.
  6. A few minutes to pause and reflect make a huge difference in my day.
  7. Getting off the freeway to watch a sunset is a great idea.
  8. The green flash is real.
  9. My longest sunset was on a plane flying west from Europe. Although it didn't count because I wasn't outside (fortunately) it was awesome.
  10. God seems bigger when I watch a sunset.

What about you? Have any sunset stories?



Laura said...

I have found that some of the most beautiful colors at sunset are not in the west, but in the east...

Anonymous said...

Great perspective with the sunsets! Just last week one of my co-workers and I were lamenting about out jobs and how things are going absolutely haywire around the office lately. As I was walking out the door on the tale end of our conversation I stopped in my tracks and immediately changed the subject as I saw the most beautiful red sunset I had seen in a long time, if ever. It was right after it has been raining all day long and was just breathtaking. I called her out to take a look and for those few seconds time seemed to stop. It was a special moment.

Andy said...

the green flash is real? out of the 200 how many times did you see a green flash?

looking back, does one specific sunset stand out to you?

Doug Kyle said...

Only saw the green flash a couple times.

Here are a few sunsets that stand out(I kept a record of the great ones):

Valentine's Day - amazing light hitting a palm tree after the rain

May - walking back from dinner out with Cindy on Coronado Island

June - walking the Royal Mile in Edinburgh (must've been like 10:30 at night)

Sunset from Seine River cruise in Paris (wow!)

My birthday in July - we all stopped and watched after a bbq on the beach

August - Playing ping pong with my son

October - with the top off on the Porsche talking my daughter shopping for shoes for her first Homecoming

December: sipping hot chocolate with Cindy and standing in the street in front of our house waiting for the Christmas lights to come on via timer

lisa liguori said...

Wow, what a neat committment to make... to see 200 sunsets. I'm amazed that the green flash is real. I always thought it was folklore.

Andy said...

so is 2009 the year of the sunrise???

Doug Kyle said...

If so, it will only be by accident. Actually I'm off to good start. Up early well before sunrise today. We are off to Disneyland for Cindy's birthday.

Andy said...

darn, i could have loaned you my ride max...i recently did a 3 month subscription.

Andy said...

do you have any particular goals for 09 that you can share?

Doug Kyle said...

Yeah I have one goal that is a HUGE change from the end of 2008. I plan to jump big time onto the Charger bandwagon - but like most resolutions, it will probably only last a week :)

Laura R. said...

The Chargers need fans to stay on the bandwagon, so I hope you don't break this resolution!

I am way excited about your Haggai series - yesterday's service and sermon were right where I am - and yes - great potential to be powerful and work powerfully, I agree with you in prayer for a great work of the Holy Spirit to happen in His people at GVC.