Tuesday, December 5, 2006

There's Something about Mary

Have you ever wondered why God chose Mary as the favored one to birth His Son into the world? Was she more spiritual than others? More righteous, pure, maternal? I wondered, and so I took a closer look at how Mary is described when the angel appears to her and announces that she is to be the chosen vessel for the Son of God. I was surprised at what I discovered.

Mary was troubled - Luke 1:29
Mary was afraid - Luke 1:30
Mary was confused - Luke 1:34

Of course, all of this is completely understandable. How else could she respond to this angelic news? Any of us would have been troubled, afraid, and confused.

Sometimes we get the impression that God can only use people who are trouble-free.... that God is looking for someone without issues. Mary was troubled. You don’t have to be an emotional rock. Mary was afraid. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Mary did not have all the spiritual answers. Isn’t it interesting that at the first glimpse we are given of Mary, she is troubled, fearful, and confused … but still a recipient of grace?

Ultimately, if Mary had anything going for her at all, it was simply this: She had a willingness to let God be Lord in her life. As a recipient of God’s grace in the midst of her trouble, fear, and ignorance, she was open to God’s leadership even though she did not understand it, even though she was fearful, even though at times she was still troubled. Her words at the end of that encounter make a wonderful life prayer: "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said." Luke 1:34


Susan Dubensky said...

I absolutely loved this message. I am the first and only believer in my Jewish family. Some of them do not even believe in God. I have been asking God, WHY ME? Why did you choose me to reach out to my family. Why do I have this responsibility and what if I fail? I realized that I am like Mary. I am an everyday person but God sees me as a true follower, someone that is not scared to share my faith. He wants the light to show through me so my family sees the changes in my life. I smiled the entire message!!! REMARKABLE!!! I have so much learning to do in the bible. I get so excited thinking someday I may understand even half of the bible:)

Jay said...

If you want a really neat visual on what it must've been like for Mary, go see The Nativity Story in the theaters. I took my 8-year-old daughter this past weekend and we were both touched to tears.