Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too Much Information

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” -- Jesus in John 17:17

We live in a Wikipedia World. Information, which used to be as rare as rain in California, now floods our lives. So it is more essential than ever that we see the Bible as more than just more data to process.

Let me illustrate this. A lot of people look at Bible Study this way. Imagine the Buckethead below represents the average person.
(Cut me some slack. I drew this myself). A lot of people see Bible as information to download.

The trouble is that there is so much other information coming into our brains as well.

This leads to two problems. 1). Information overload. 2). With all this other information, the Bible becomes a smaller piece of all the data we are trying to assimilate.

Instead, I believe God wants us to see the Bible as a filter. It helps us discern what is true, what needs to be interpreted, and what needs to be discarded. In this way, the Scriptures becomes the grid through which we see life.

With so much information bombarding our minds every day, how can we make sense of it? How can we filter that information? And get to the truth? We need to use the Bible as our filter. It’s the difference between information and transformation.

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