Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reading Plan - final week!

For those of you reading along, here's this week's plan.

SUNDAY Feb 25-- Rev 19
MONDAY Feb 26-- Rev 20:1-6
TUESDAY Feb 27-- Rev 20:7-10
WEDNESDAY Feb 28-- Rev 20:11-15
THURSDAY Mar 1-- Rev 21:1-8
FRIDAY Mar 2-- Rev 21:9-27
SATURDAY Mar 3-- Rev 22:1-6
SUNDAY Mar 4-- Rev 22:7-21

If you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! Take yourself out to dinner!

You know, the book of Revelation promises a blessing to those who take it to heart (Rev. 1:3). In what ways has God given you a sense of His presence and involvement in your life through your study?

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